Membership Rules

Plympton Conservative Club is a private members club run by its members for its members.

  • Non members can apply to join the club in the month of February each year; prospective members must be nominated and seconded by two existing members of the club.
  • All new members will be invited to an intake evening where they will be interviewed by a member of the committee and inducted into the club.
  • After the intake evening the prospective members list will be read out at the next regular committee meeting. If any candidate is deemed not suitable to join the club a letter will be sent advising the candidate that their application has been refused. If no letter of refusal is received the candidate can pay their fees on their next visit to the club.
  • All new members will have four weeks to take up their membership.
  • There is a six months probationary period for all new members, your membership can be withdrawn at any time during this period without any re-course to the rules. Your sponsors will be held responsible for actions.
  • The club fees are: First year membership is £22.50 including a first year joining fee of £10.00, subsequent membership is £12.50 per year.
  • After the six months probationary period has expired new members can purchase a inter affilliation card at the cost of £3.00.
  • Membership fees are due between the 1st and 28th of January each year, no reminder is given.
  • Membership cards must be carried at all times whilst on the club premises.
  • Bad language, violent conduct or anti social behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Dress code:- smart casuals at all times. Saturday nights gentlemen:- smart casuals with a collared shirt must be worn.
  • The standard of behaviour and responsibility of any guests brought into the club lies with the club member. The club member id to ensure that all guests are signed in using the appropriate signing in book.
  • Guests can only be brought into the club four times in any one calendar month: on Saturdays and Sundays members may only sign in one guest per member all day. No guests after 11.00 pm on Friday and Saturday evenings.
  • A £2.00 entrance fee for guests will be charged on Saturday and Sunday evenings when entertainment is provided.
  • Friends and relatives on holiday may be signed in fir the duration of their holiday and may use the club at any time. ( members are still responsible for their conduct)

The above is a summary of the rules, for a detailed book of rules please contact the club secretary who will be able to provide you with a rule book.


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